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Volunteer Committee Message 2017 - 2018

The hockey season is upon us and most of you are already aware of the volunteer policy, however we wanted to lay out the details around it for those that may still have questions.

Required Number of Volunteer Hours

Travel Teams (U10/U12/U15/Squirt/PeeWee/Bantam/Jr. Gold):  Mandatory 5 hours/player with a max of 10 hours/family.  If you don’t want to do the volunteering, you can do a buy-out for $375 (5 hours X $75/hr) with a max of $750.
Mite Teams and U6/U8 (Orono registered families):  Mandatory 3 hours/player with a max of 6 hours/family for families who have kids ONLY in the Mite program.  A buy-out of $225 (3 hours X &75/hr) with a max of $450.
Mite + Travel:  A Family that has both a Mite and/or U6/U8 plus a travel team player will have 8 mandatory hours/family with a max of 10/hours per family if there is an additional child that plays at any level.  A buy-out of $600 ($375 + $225) with a max of $750.

Important - Volunteer Guarantee Check Required Before Evaluations

If your family elects to serve the volunteer hours vs. the buy-out option, each family is required to provide a guarantee check to the Orono Youth Hockey Association for us to hold….NOT TO BE CASHED….until the hours are served.  If at the end of the season, the hours have not been served the check will be cashed and monies kept up to the remaining hours needed to fulfill your requirement per your 2016-2017 registration.  

Drop-off Or Mail Your Check Now

We are providing two options for collecting these checks.  The guarantee check is required prior to your child attending their first evaluation and/or mite’s/U6/U8’s participating in their first game.  The first option is to drop a check in the mail made out to Orono Hockey Association to the address below.  One thing to note…when you address the envelope please address it to Courtney Paulsen (one of our volunteer coordinators) and mail it to:
Courtney Paulsen
7205 Buckskin Trail
Corcoran, MN 55340
Please plan accordingly.  We want to avoid the uncomfortable situation of not permitting a child to participate in evaluations, and making an already stressful situation even more stressful.  We appreciate your help and patience as we begin to navigate the best way to implement this new policy.

Sign Up For Volunteer Hours

For those that are anxious to start signing up for their volunteer hours, the volunteer sign-up program is called Dibs.  It can be found by clicking on Dibs on the right side of the website top menu.  Click Here to go to Dibs now.  We have also created the How To Use Dibs Guide below. 
Lastly…please do not be alarmed if you go out to Dibs and do not see an opportunity that fits your schedule.  More opportunities will be added throughout the season as game & tournament schedules and other volunteer opportunities become available.  Note that Orono will host one of the levels for the district tournaments in March,  This tournament usually requires around 100 hours of volunteer time to pull off.
If you have any questions and/or concerns please contact the Volunteer Coordinators.

Courtney Paulsen

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 612 281-2797

Angie Greene

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 612-812-1881