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Welcome to the 2023-2024 hockey season. We are looking forward to a great season of hockey and can't wait to see all of the kids back on the ice!

  • In an effort to keep association dues from significant increases, and more equally distribute the workload across the entire membership, we are continuing the OYHA Volunteer Program for the 2023-2024 season. The goal of the program is not to raise funds but to help the organization accomplish necessary jobs without having to pay outside vendors, and burn out our existing volunteer base.  The volunteer program is simply a way to track volunteer time and distribute it more equally amongst the entire organization.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the board members. We are here to help!

Volunteer Policy

By participating in online registration, you confirm that you are aware of the Orono Youth Hockey Volunteer Policy. Our policy requires the following mandatory volunteer hours or buy out: 

Volunteer Requirements:  mandatory 7 hours/player with a max of 14 hours/family (2 or more players)  Buyout is: $700 (7x $100) or $1400 max

New Mite/U6/U8:  Players new to organized hockey at the mite/U6/U8 level will be exempt from volunteer hours for their first year. 


Player Registration

Travel registration will close on July 31st at 11:59 PM.  Players that haven't registered by July 31st WILL NOT be guaranteed placement on a travel team.

Registration must be completed on-line and paid via credit /check card or through PayPal.

Minimum Age Requirement

 Players must be four years old by May 30, 2023.

2023-2024 Levels of Play and Fees

Level Birthdate Range Total Fees
Mite/U6/U8/New Player* age varies $150
Mite 1 (Warriors & Spartans) Preschool (All) + Kindergarten (Beginner) $220
Mite 2 (Warriors & Spartans) Kindergarten (Intermediate - Advanced) + 1st Grade (Intermediate - Advanced) + 2nd Grade (Beginner) $450
Mite 3 (Warriors & Spartans) 2nd Grade (Intermediate) + 3rd Grade (Beginner) $675
Mite 4 (Warriors & Spartans) 2nd Grade (Advanced) + 3rd Grade (Intermediate - Advanced) $900
Squirt 6/1/2012 - 5/31/2014 $1,760
PeeWee 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2012 $2,030
Bantam 6/1/2008 - 5/31/2010 $2,280
Jr. Gold 6/1/2004 - 5/31/2008 $1,655
Girls 10U 6/1/2012 - 5/31/2014 $1,660
Girls 12U 6/1/2010 - 5/31/2012 $2,000
Girls 15U 6/1/2007 - 5/31/2010 $2,200

New to Hockey!

Mite/U8/U6 players new to organized hockey will receive the promotional $150 try hockey fee...try it, we think you'll love it!

Travel level players new to organized hockey will receive a discount of half their ice fee.

We are excited for you to try hockey!!

Warrior Mite and Mite Program Level Fee Information (New for 2023-24)


To enhance player experience and skill development, OYHA has decided to reorganize the Mite (boys) and Warrior Mite (girls) programs.  The levels for girls and boys will match and player placement will be consistent across both programs.

Please see the tables below for fees and to aid in choosing the most accurate level for your child. NOTE: Please consider, and choose your skater level with intention as all Mite/Warrior Mite players will still be evaluated. As needed, players will move to the level that matches their skill. If a player is moved up, you will be invoiced electronically for the difference in fees. If a player is moved down, you will be refunded the difference in fees. We hope that including this change, will help to minimize the moves this year. 

We appreciate your partnership and are excited for the growth both the boy's and girl's programs are seeing!

Grade Warrior Mite 1/Mite 1 Warrior Mite 2/Mite 2 Warrior Mite 3/Mite 3 Warrior Mite 4/Mite 4
Preschool ALL
Kindergarten Beginner (1st Year Skater) Intermediate - Advanced
1st Grade Beginner (1st Year Skater) Intermediate - Advanced
2nd Grade Beginner (1st Year Skater) Intermediate - Advanced Advanced
3rd Grade Beginner (1st Year Skater) Intermediate - Advanced
TOTAL FEES: $220 $450 $675 $900

Travel Goalies Fee Program

Squirt/10U:  If you have a player that plays goalie or wants to try goalie and play it 50% of the time (both skater/goalie), they will receive 50% off of their registration fees.

PeeWee/Bantam/12U/15U:  If you have a player that plays goalie ONLY, they will receive 50% off of their registration fees.

These discounts will be applied during registration and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Jerseys and Apparel (New for 2023-24)


You will select your jersey size and apparel purchase during registration (link provided in registration).  You will be given an order number which you will then enter in registration (this is required to complete registration). 

The link is to confirm jersey size with our vendor and to buy player apparel, there will be an additional charge taken for jersey rental and new sock purchase at OYHA at check out (Spartan travel players only). 


  • Players will receive a practice jersey with their registration.
Level Jerseys + Socks Apparel
Spartan Mites No entry required. Optional link at end of registration.
Warrior Mites No entry required. Optional link at end of registration.
Squirt, PeeWee & Bantam Enter requested size. Fee applied in Sports Engine registration at checkout. Order # required to complete registration. Apparel order is optional but this is opportunity to purchase and have at time of team placement.
10U and 12U No entry required. Apparel order is optional but this is opportunity to purchase and have at time of team placement.
Junior Gold Enter requested size. Store will be available at registration and in November. Logo will match jersey logo.
15U No entry required. Store will be available at registration and in November.

Spartan Training Camp

Welcome to the 2023 Spartan Training Camp Registration!

Spartan Training Camp schedules will be posted on the website under try-outs. When choosing your players training camp level, please choose the level they will play in the 2023-24 season. If you would like to participate in camp, you MUST sign up for camp during online registration process.

Payment Options

  • PAY ONLINE IN FULL:  Submit total fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.
  • PAYMENT PLAN:  Fees are divided into three (3) installments with the first installment to be collected online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. Remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on September 15th and ending on October 15th, 2024.
    • If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, please log in to your SportsEngine account BEFORE the first day of payment to update your account information.
  • DEFERRED PAYMENT (15U and Junior Gold Only):
    • Reserved for players who are trying out for the High School teams
    • If you make the Orono High School team and play HS, your deposit will be refunded. 
    • If you do not make the team, OYHA will use your deposit toward your registration fee to be invoiced at team placement (approximately mid-November).  Players will not be allowed to participate until payment is received.
    • If you choose not to play Junior Gold, 15U or HS, the deposit will not be refunded.

Payment Options will be available for selection on the Shopping Cart Page.

OYHA Refund Policy

Travel Levels:  Refund requests must be made in writing to the OYHA Registration Team BEFORE team placement.  Players WILL NOT be eligible for a refund once team placement has been finalized.

Mite Levels:  Refund requests must be in writing to the OYHA Registration Team and received prior to December 1st.  All refund requests are processed after December 1st.

ALL LEVELS are subject to deductions of:  pro-rated ice time, a $50 administrative fee, and any other applicable fees from each request. Fees paid to USA/MN Hockey are non-refundable.   All requests are processed after December 1st. 

Medical / Injury:  Refund requests will be pro-rated based on the numbers of weeks remaining in the season and must be accompanied by a note from a doctor.


Outstanding Balances from Last Season

Accounts with outstanding balances will not be processed until previous fees are paid in full (this includes ice fees, late registration fee and any other purchases not fully paid).  Fees need to be paid in full prior to the player participating in any OYHA sponsored events for the current year.


If you have questions regarding REGISTRATION for the 2023-24 season, please contact Danni Anderson, Orono Hockey Registrar at

If you have GENERAL questions regarding Orono Youth Hockey please email at

Additional Information

Minnesota Hockey Participation Rule

The Minnesota Hockey Participation rule will now allow players the option of playing in the district where they reside OR where they attend school.  

Every registration will be verified before being processed. If it is found that a player is registered using a fraudulent address or fraudulent school enrollment, the player will not be allowed to play Orono Hockey and all ice fees and registration fees will be forfeited.   A player, whose primary residence IS NOT located in Orono School District #278, and would like to play Orono Hockey may request a waiver from the hockey association that is located in the school district the player resides in.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificates is required if you have a NEW PLAYER.  Registration will NOT be processed/complete until a birth certificate is received.

Please email photo copy of birth certificate to the following to

If you would like to mail a hard copy, please use the above e-mail address to obtain information on where to send it



Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available.  If you are interested in inquiring about assistance, please click on the Financial Assistance link below for the Financial Assistance Application.  Financial assistance requests are reviewed by the Orono Youth Hockey Association Executive Board and is completely confidential.