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Eric Pagel

Head Coach


Parker Derosier

Assistant Coach


Jon Lewin

Assistant Coach

Team Managers

Marnie Pfeifer & Gianna Colombo



Craig Kvern



Ryan McCabe

Assistant Coach

PEEWEE A Parent ResponsibilitIes

Clock/Penalty/Score:  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift as some games start early.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please work to get it covered.

Locker Room Monitors:  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to games.  You must stay in the locker room until the last 2 players leave the locker room.

Concessions:  You may be assigned as a backup to this role so we are not fined $75 for missing a shift.

Parent Schedule

Date Day Event Boys Locker Room Penalty Box AWAY: Score Sheet / HOME: Clock Home/Away
2019-10-11 Fri Practice Ryan McCabe
2019-10-13 Sun Practice Jon Terry
2019-10-15 Tue Practice Paul Tichy
2019-10-17 Thu Practice Joshua Tousignant
2019-10-19 Sat Practice Jay Bohlinger
2019-10-20 Sun Practice Mike Cherwien
2019-10-21 Mon Practice Brent Foster
2019-10-23 Wed Practice Kenneth Iverson
2019-10-24 Thu Practice Scott Krusemark
2019-10-26 Sat Practice Craig kvern
2019-10-26 Sat Practice Ryan McCabe
2019-10-27 Sun Practice Jon Terry
2019-10-28 Mon Practice Paul Tichy
2019-10-30 Wed Practice Joshua Tousignant
2019-11-01 Fri Practice Jay Bohlinger
2019-11-02 Sat Game Mike Cherwien Bohlinger Krusemark
2019-11-03 Sun Game Brent Foster Cherwien kvern Scrimmage - Pond
2019-11-05 Tue Practice Kenneth Iverson
2019-11-07 Thu Practice Scott Krusemark
2019-11-09 Sat Game Craig kvern Foster McCabe Scrimmage - Home
2019-11-10 Sun Game Ryan McCabe Iverson Terry
2019-11-11 Mon Practice Jon Terry
2019-11-13 Wed Practice Paul Tichy
2019-11-14 Thu Practice Joshua Tousignant
2019-11-16 Sat Game Jay Bohlinger Krusemark Tichy
2019-11-17 Sun Practice Mike Cherwien
2019-11-18 Mon Practice
2019-11-19 Tue Practice Kenneth Iverson
2019-11-21 Thu Game Scott Krusemark kvern Tousignant
2019-11-23 Sat Practice Craig kvern
2019-11-24 Sun Practice Ryan McCabe
2019-11-26 Tue Practice Jon Terry
2019-11-27 Wed Practice Paul Tichy
2019-11-29 Fri Tournament Joshua Tousignant
2019-11-30 Sat Tournament Jay Bohlinger
2019-12-01 Sun Tournament Mike Cherwien
2019-12-02 Mon Practice Brent Foster
2019-12-05 Thu Game Kenneth Iverson McCabe Bohlinger
2019-12-06 Fri Game Scott Krusemark Terry Cherwien Scrimmage - Away
2019-12-07 Sat Practice Craig kvern Home
2019-12-08 Sun Practice Ryan McCabe
2019-12-09 Mon Practice Jon Terry
2019-12-11 Wed Practice Paul Tichy
2019-12-13 Fri Practice Joshua Tousignant
2019-12-15 Sun Practice Jay Bohlinger
2019-12-16 Mon Practice Mike Cherwien
2019-12-18 Wed Practice Brent Foster
2019-12-20 Fri Practice Kenneth Iverson
2019-12-21 Sat Game Scott Krusemark Bohlinger Krusemark
2019-12-22 Sun Game Craig kvern Cherwien kvern
2019-12-23 Mon Practice Ryan McCabe
2019-12-26 Thu Practice Jon Terry
2019-12-27 Fri Game Paul Tichy Foster McCabe
2019-12-28 Sat Game Joshua Tousignant Iverson Terry
2019-12-29 Sun Practice Jay Bohlinger
2019-12-30 Mon Practice Mike Cherwien
2020-01-02 Thu Practice Brent Foster
2020-01-03 Fri Tournament Kenneth Iverson
2020-01-04 Sat Tournament Scott Krusemark
2020-01-05 Sun Tournament Craig kvern
2020-01-06 Mon Practice Ryan McCabe
2020-01-08 Wed Practice Jon Terry
2020-01-10 Fri Practice Paul Tichy
2020-01-12 Sun Practice Joshua Tousignant
2020-01-13 Mon Game Jay Bohlinger Krusemark Tichy
2020-01-14 Tue Practice Mike Cherwien
2020-01-17 Fri Tournament Kenneth Iverson
2020-01-18 Sat Tournament Scott Krusemark
2020-01-19 Sun Tournament Craig kvern
2020-01-20 Mon Practice Ryan McCabe
2020-01-23 Thu Game Paul Tichy kvern Tousignant
2020-01-25 Sat Practice Jay Bohlinger
2020-01-26 Sun Game Mike Cherwien McCabe Bohlinger
2020-01-27 Mon Game Brent Foster Terry Cherwien
2020-01-28 Tue Practice Kenneth Iverson
2020-01-30 Thu Practice Scott Krusemark
2020-02-01 Sat Game Craig kvern Bohlinger Krusemark
2020-02-04 Tue Game Ryan McCabe Cherwien kvern
2020-02-05 Wed Practice Jon Terry
2020-02-07 Fri Practice Paul Tichy
2020-02-08 Sat Practice Joshua Tousignant
2020-02-09 Sun Practice Jay Bohlinger
2020-02-10 Mon Practice Mike Cherwien
2020-02-12 Wed Practice Brent Foster
2020-02-14 Fri Practice Kenneth Iverson
2020-02-15 Sat Tournament Scott Krusemark
2020-02-16 Sun Practice Craig kvern
2020-02-17 Mon Practice Ryan McCabe
2020-02-18 Tue Tournament Jon Terry

Background Screening

Every other year a background screening is required for all locker room monitors. Complete a background screening if you did not in the 2017/2018 season.

Click Here

Safe Sport Training

Click here to complete Safe Sport training

  • All coaches, managers and locker room monitors are REQUIRED to complete SafeSport every two years.  
  • Refer to the SafeSport Training FAQs for more information


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