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Joe Feldmann

Head Coach

Phone: 952-837-6300

Becky Toso


Phone: 612-616-4895

Bill Rieser

Assistant Coach

Phone: 612-875-3505

Bryan Halverson

Assistant Coach

Phone: 612-730-8889

Jason Toso

Assistant Coach

Phone: 612-616-4895


Clock/Penalty Box/Scorebook:  Please be in position 10 minutes prior to start time.  

Locker Room:  Please arrive 45 minutes before your assigned practice or game.  You are responsible to stay in the locker room until all children have left the locker room, before and after the event. 



practice 10/22 8:00-9:30pm MIA Ahrens
practice 10/23 6:15-7:15pm Pond Beumer
practice 10/25 5:00-6:00pm Pond Brookins
practice 10/27 8:45-9:45am MIA Gratton
scrimmage 10/29 6:15-7:15pm Pond Middendorf Ahrens Hovland
practice 10/30 8:45-9:45pm Pond Sandau
practice 11/1 9:00-10:00pm MIA Sweet
game @ Mound Westonka 11/03 6:30-7:30 Thaler Gratton Toso Eslinger
PWC Skills w/PWAA 11/4 5:15-6:15 MIA Brookins
PWC @ MPLS PWC Black 11/5 6:00-7:00 Parade Ice Ahrens Hovland Beumer
PWC shared/w BAA 11/7 9:15-10:15 pm MIA Eslinger
PWC shared/w PWAA 11/8 9:00-10:00pm MIA Sandau
PWC shared w/ PWB2 11/9 4:00-5:00pm MIA Hovland
PWC skills w/ PWAA 11/11 5:15-6:15 MIA Sweet
PWC shared w/PWB2 11/15 9:30-10:30pm MIA Ahrens
PWC at OMG PWC Gold 11/17 5:55pm Brookins Gratton Beumer
PWC @ Wayzata PW C Gray 11/21 7:30pm Hovland Middendorf Brookins
Wayzata PC Silver @ PWC 11/24 7:45pm Sandau Sweet Eslinger
Armstrong-Cooper@PWC 12/21 7:45pm@ MIA Eslinger Ahrens Gratton
PWC @ Mpls PWC Orange 12/22 6:00pm @ Northeast Beumer Brookins Sandau
OMG PWC Black @ PWC 12/28 5:45pm @ MIA Gratton Hovland Sweet
OMG PWC White @ PWC 1/04 7:00 @MIA Middendorf Sandau Ahrens
PWC @ Mpls PWC Purple 1/05 12:00pm Sweet Eslinger Beumer
PWC @ Wayzata PWC Silver 1/11 10:45am @ PIC Ahrens Beumer Hovland
PWC @ Hopkins PWC 1/15 7:25pm Gratton Hovland Eslinger
practice 1/17 8:30-9:30 Pond Hovland
practice 1/18 5:15-6:15 MIA Sweet
practice 1/19 4-5pm MIA Paulsen
Skills practice 1/20 6:30-7:30 MIA Gratton
PWC @ SLP PWC 1/22 7:15pm SLP Rec Center Paulsen Sweet Brookins
MPLS PWC Purple @ PWC 1/26 8:15pm MIA Gratton Sweet Hovland
Morth Metro PWC @ PWC 1/29 7:45pm MIA Paulsen Beumer Hovland
Wayzata Ice @ PWC 2/1 6:15pm MIA Eslinger Sweet Brookins