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Jason Toso

Head Coach

Phone: (612) 616-7664

Jake Barkley

Assistant Coach

Phone: (612) 598-9895

Trevor Winter

Team Manager & Covid Manager

Phone: (503) 236-7360

Becky Toso

Scrimmage Coordinator

Phone: (612) 616-4895


  • WE ASK THAT PLAYERS COME FULLY DRESSED except skates and helmet with a MASK will be allowed in the arena 10 minutes prior to scrimmage.  Goalies will be allowed in 20 minutes prior to scheduled start time and will be able to get dressed in the rink.  All players should leave the arena after removing their skates and helmets immediately following the conclusion of their event.
  • Masks should be on ALL OF THE TIME by players when not in a helmet.
  • 2 spectators per player will be allowed in the arena for scrimmages and games at game time and must leave the arena immediately following the conclusion of the scrimmage or game. Spectators do include children, therefore plan accordingly.
  • Please note that bags are allowed at Morrison but not at other arenas; we suggest keeping them out if at all possible for your team. 
  • Locker rooms currently closed.