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PEEWEE A Coaching Staff

Garrit Otten

Head Coach

Phone: 832-387-7256

Caleb Callaway

Assistant Coach

Judd Loewenstein

Assistant Coach

Fred West

Assistant Coach

Carter Lukenda

Assistant Coach

PEEWEE A Management

Jen Palmer


Phone: 952-807-8078

Kerri and Adam Albrecht


Carrie Timmins

Scrimmage Coordinator


Date Event Vs. Location Scoring Penalty (Home) Penalty (Away) Clock
Fri Nov 19 Scrimmage-Away STMA STMA Palmer
Sat Nov 20 Scrimmage-Away Northfield St.Olaf Ice Arena Prodahl
Sun Nov 21 Game-Home Delano Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Thalhuber Timmins Buckley
Tue Nov 23 Game-Away Mpls Parade North Dahlof
Fri Nov 26 Tournament-Away Hopkins
Sat Nov 27 Tournament-Away Hopkins
Sun Nov 28 Tournament-Away Hopkins
Tue Nov 30 Game-Home Armstrong-Cooper Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht De Lange Eslinger
Thu Dec 2 Game-Away OMG MG West Gerlach
Fri Dec 3 Scrimmage-Away Capitals St.Paul Kanive
Sat Dec 4 Game-Home New Ulm-Sleepy Eye Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Lopez Nokleby
Thu Dec 9 Game-Away St Louis Park SLP East Palmer
Fri Dec 10 Game-Home Mpls Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Prodahl Thalhuber
Sat Jan 8 Game-Home Hopkins Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Buckley Dahlof
Sun Jan 9 Game-Away New Ulm-Sleepy Eye Sleepy Eye DeLange
Sat Jan 22 Game-Away Delano Delano Arena Eslinger
Sat Jan 29 Game-Away Wayzata PIC C Gerlach
Sun Jan 30 Game-Home OMG Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Kanive Lopez
Wed Feb 2 Game-Away Mound Westonka Thaler Nokleby
Tue Feb 8 Game-Away Hopkins Hopkins Prodahl
Thu Feb 10 Game-Away Armstrong-Cooper New Hope South Thalhuber
Fri Feb 11 Game-Home Luverne Morrison Ice Arena Albrecht Timmins Buckley

Locker Room/Backup Concession/Birches & Front Cleanup

´╗┐Week Family
October 24th Gerlach
October 31st Timmins
November 7th Thalhuber
November 14th Prodahl
November 21st Palmer
November 28th Nokleby
December 5th Lopez
December 12th Kanive
December 19th Forsyth
December 26th Eslinger
January 2nd De Lange
January 9th Dahlof
January 16th Buckley
January 23rd Albrecht
January 30th Gerlach
February 6th Timmins
February 13th Thalhuber
February 20th Prodahl


Locker Room Monitors:  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to games and 25 minutes prior to practices.  You must stay in the locker room until the last  players leave the locker room.

  • Ideally, the designated locker room should not be opened until a locker room monitor can accompany any players who have arrived.
  • If a single player is present, the locker room should be monitored by at least two adults until additional players arrive.
  • If there is only one adult present, whether a coach or volunteer parent, they should wait for multiple players to arrive before allowing access to the locker room.
  • The same strategies should be applied after practice with a monitor staying until the last player leaves, and at no time should one adult be alone in the locker room with one player.

In addition to Locker Room Monitors both home/away, when we are the home team (scrimmage/game) the home team is required to provide four volunteers for each game:
    1.  Scoresheet/Gamesheet
    2.  Game Clock
    3.  Two penalty box attendants
    4.  Concessions Backup

Scoresheet/Gamesheet: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift as some games start early.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please work to get it covered.  District 3 and all of Minnesota Hockey are transitioning to live scoring via the GameSheet app for all games in Minnesota.  OYHA will provide an iPad for use during scorekeeping with Gamesheet.  Instruction for interacting with Gamesheet will be posted to our teams site soon.

Game Clock: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift as some games start early.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please work to get it covered.  He/she should be adequately trained in how the score board works.  At a minimum, he/she should be able to set the period time, add goals, add and remove penalty times and start/stop the game clock.  Most D3 arenas are equipped with a Daktronics scoreboard.  Youtube videos are available to help learn how to run the clock - google Daktronics scoreclock "how to" videos and it will give you good start.

Penalty Box Attendants:  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift as some games start early.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please work to get it covered.   He/she should understand it is not their role to discipline, educate or tease the players in the penalty box. **IMPORTANT All volunteers acting as minor officials should refrain from actively cheering for their team while performing their jobs as minor officials


For all parents/volunteers assigned as locker room monitors this process must be completed even if you buyout of association volunteer hours, as the team requires volunteer hours as well.

All parents/volunteers must register with USA Hockey; there is no cost if not a player/coach. 

Select the RED REGISTER button, then manager/volunteer and proceed with remaining prompts. 

STEP 2: 
Complete the annual SafeSport training; there is no cost. 

If you complete your USAH registration and immediately try to enter that number into the above link, the two systems may not have had sufficient time to communicate/update. You may need to wait until the next business day before the update occurs. OYHA does not control this process; this is a communication between USA Hockey & US Center for SafeSport.

STEP 3: 

Register and complete the background check. Background checks are valid for 2 seasons and the system will not let you proceed if there is a valid background check on file. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive the following message, a new background check is not required this season.

You are not eligible to submit a screen at this time. Please see for questions. Please note, background screens are valid for two seasons. If you received a cleared screen in the 20-21 season, you will not be able to submit a new screen until the 22-23 season.


Alyssa Kanive

Peewee Level Rep

Phone: 646-373-3601

Dutch Thalhuber


Chad /Jen Gerlach

Website/SportsEngine/Locker Room Coordinator

Phone: 612-207-6726

Molly Lopez

Local Tournaments

Liz Prodahl

Out of Town Tournaments

Ross Dahlof

Team Gatherings

Cory Nokleby


Ellen Forsyth

Team Swag

Connie Delange

GroupMe/Game Updates