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Monthly board meetings are open to all members of the Orono Youth Hockey Association. We welcome your participation and will do our best to include you on the agenda. If you would like to be added to the agenda, please contact the Booster Board President, Sean Rohland, at least 7 days prior to the board meeting to be included on the agenda.

Board of Directors

(Booster Board)

Sean Rohland

President (term expires 2025)

Angela Erickson

Vice President (term expires 2026)

Katie Hunsley

Secretary (term expires 2026)

Luke Beltnick

Treasurer (term expires 2027)

Jennifer Benoit

Coaches Bd Liason(term expires 2026)

Kerry Minnich

Compliance (term expires 2026 )

Gina Hansen

ACE (term expires 2025)

Erika Kringen

Gambling Mgr (term expires 2026)

Peter Kolar

(term expires 2025)

Joanna Tilli

(term expires 2025)

Britta McGuire

(term expires 2027)

Caleb Lee

(term expires 2027)

Chris Henningsen

(term expires 2027)

Coaches Board

Tim Becker

Chair (term expires 2026)

Shep Harder

(term expires 2025)

Todd Albers

(term expires 2025)

Bill Menozzi

(term expires 2025)

Todd Dulin

(term expires 2026)

Andrew Pillsbury

(term expires 2026)

Jennifer Benoit

Booster Board Liason (term expires 2026)

Caleb Calloway

(term expires 2027)

Judd Stevens

(term expires 2027)

Steve Festler

(term expires 2027)

Warriors CO-Op committee

Abby Regnier

U15 Level Director

Ashley Walker

U12 Level Director

Megan Stansberry

U10 Level Director

Jeff Mickelson

U6/U8 Level Director

LEVEL representatives

Todd Swiler

Jr. Gold Level Rep

Alyssa Kanive

Bantam Level Rep

Jill Hoehn

PeeWee Level Rep

Kelly Dillon

Squirt Level Rep

Todd Dulin

Mite Level Rep

Tina O'Shea

15u Level Rep

Jessica Steiner

12u Level Rep

Katie Weinlaeder

10u Level Rep

Britta McGuire

6u/8u Level Rep

KEY Partners

Danielle Anderson


Gina Hansen

Ace Coordinator/D3 Rep

Alyssa Kanive

Manager of Managers

B Johnson

Coach Compliance Chair

Tournament Scheduling

Tournament Director

Sara Dacey

Volunteer Coordinator - Traveling


Volunteer Coordinator - Mites

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