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10,000 Puck Challenge

Sponsored by: Snipers Edge

The puck challenge is back! It started June 15, and we are encouraging all of our Orono Youth Hockey players to participate in the 10k Puck Challenge. Last year, 60 players completed the 10,000 puck challenge over the summer with more than 369,000 pucks shot by our 100+ participants.

To encourage all Orono Youth Hockey players to participate in this challenge, we have created age-based attainable goals for all four levels.

  • Bantams - 10,000 pucks (black pucks only)
  • Peewees - 7,500 pucks (black pucks only)
  • Squirts - 5,000 pucks (black pucks only)
  • Mites - 2,500 pucks (black/blue pucks or green biscuits only)

The puck challenge will run from June 15, 2024, to September 30, 2024.

This year, Sniper's Edge is proud to partner with OYHA in support of our 10k Puck Challenge! Their mission is to help athletes "Play More. Get Better." OYHA is excited about the partnership with Sniper's Edge because of their great products available for skill development and, most importantly, they are an Orono Hockey family!

A 10k Puck Challenge has been created through, where your hockey player can track their journey with others at the same level. All shots must be logged through to be eligible for the challenge.

Signing up is SIMPLE:

  • Go to 10,000 Pucks powered by
  • Click on "PLAYER" and register your shooter
  • If your skater participated in last year's challenge, you need to remove them from the 2023 Challenge and add them to the 2024 Challenge. Please remove the shots that were recorded last summer manually.
  • Search team "Orono"
  • Select one of the following based on the level your hockey player will be participating in during the 2024-25 season:
  • Bantam - 10,000
  • Peewee - 7,500
  • Squirt - 5,000
  • Mite - 2,500
  • Start shooting!

To prepare for the challenge, Sniper's Edge has a special discount code for purchasing hockey products from their website. Visit, find all the great products you'll need for the challenge, and enter "SPARTAN10K" when you checkout to receive 20% off your total order. 


  • Each skater who completes their age-based goal will be honored on the ice during a 2024-25 Orono Boys Varsity Hockey game. 
  • One OYHA skater who completes the challenge will win the grand prize of a $400 Sniper's Edge gift card. All skaters who complete their level-based challenge will be entered to win a $75 Sniper's Edge gift card (8 total prizes; 2 from each level). 

Good luck and let those pucks fly!



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