Manager Info


MN District 3

MN District 3 Manager Info

Beltline Hockey Referee Assoc.


(Formerly DIBS)

The following volunteer hours are available per team each year.

1- The Manager receives full credit for volunteer hours for their family. (up to 14hrs)

2- 21 additional hours are available for distribution.

  • Co-manager
  • Scoreboard/gamesheet
  • Ice scheduler/scrimmage coordinator
  • Game music
  • Events

3 - Please note: the success of our program is based on the volunteer requirement. Please be selective in distributing these hours. Not all hours need to be distributed.

4 -The following information is due to your volunteer coordinator by NOVEMBER 15th.

  • Player name
  • Volunteer name
  • Role filled
  • Hours received

5 - Managers and Level Reps may not approve volunteer hours without FIRST receiving approval from the volunteer coordinators below. Please contact the volunteer rep prior to granting any volunteer hours.

Sarah Dacey

Traveling Volunteer Coordinator

Pamela Wilkes

Mite Traveling Volunteer Coordinator

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