2024-2025 registration - GET READY!

Welcome to the 2024-25 hockey season. We are looking forward to a great season of hockey and can't wait to see all of the kids back on the ice! Please do not register without FULLY reading this page!


  • Spartan traveling players will choose jersey numbers at registration on a first come basis.
  • Mites who register in the month of July will also be able to select their number on a first come basis.
  • Warriors will hold jersey registration on July 1st at 9am.

If your player wants a specific jersey please be prepared to register early. Also, know a few back up options for numbers so you may continue through registration if the chosen number is taken.

NOTE: To register you will need all sizes of jerseys, socks & team apparel you wish to purchase. This is required to complete the registration process.

NEW: Mites, Warrior Mites, U15 & Junior Gold will be charged a base fee at registration. Additional fees will automatically be invoiced to your account once your player is placed on a team. See a schedule of fees in the traveling link below.


1- Sign Up for Crossbar: Create an Account and add your family members

2- Submit your USA HOCKEY number on Crossbar

You must have a NEW and CURRENT USA Hockey Number and submit it to us.

USA Hockey Numbers are renewed annually. The number for the 2024-2025 season will have a 5 as the fourth digit. Registration for numbers for the upcoming season is open after April 1, 2024.

USA Hockey Numbers must be submitted to our organization in order for your player to participate in the season. If this number is not received prior to the first skate, your player will not be able to get on the ice, even if paid.

Please ensure this process is complete to submit your USA Hockey Number to our organization.

  1. Click on ACCOUNT in the top left corner of the OYHA website
  2. Click on the business card icon underneath the player's name.
  3. Click on +ADD under ASSOCIATION about halfway down the page.
  4. Pick USA Hockey from the drop down.
  5. Add the USA Hockey number.

You may check with USA Hockey here:


3- Know all of your sizes for jerseys, socks & team apparel. You will leave the middle of registration to visit the store and purchase these items. Your jersey number will also be selected at this time on a first come basis.  Please move all of the way through the store process. Do not stop and try to return. Your order confirmation will be immediately emailed to you from JOTFORM. Add your emailed 6 digit order confirmation code, NOT YOUR JERSEY NUMBER, to your registration . You must fill this code in to your OYHA registration to continue. There will be no charge for jerseys and socks.

For more information on other apparel see here:


As mentioned, the fee schedule has changed for Mites, Warrior Mites, U15 & Junior Gold. There will be a base fee and an offer sent once your player is placed on a team. At registration you will agree that you have seen this schedule and will accept the offer to participate along with the corresponding invoice once your child is rostered.

Please see fee schedules here:

Crossbar accepts Visa, MasterCard & ACH. AMEX is not accepted.

ACH will save a percentage of the fees at check out.

Payment plans are also available for most registrations.


Spartan Training Camp schedules will be posted on the website under PROGRAMS. When choosing your players training camp level, please choose the level they will play in the 2024-25 season.

The Spartan Training Camps are OPTIONAL and are not considered a part of the official Evaluation process. In the event your athlete can not participate you should not feel obligated to sign up. Training camps will in no way affect the outcome of your tryout. There will be no evaluators present at these camps.

Traveling players will have a fee of $135 and the Mite fee will be $85. 

If you would like to participate in pre- season clinics, you MUST sign up during online registration process.


The Orono Youth Hockey Association (OYHA) is committed to providing a fair and impartial player evaluation process/system in an effort to place players at the level where they will maximize their skill development and be challenged appropriately. The schedule below highlighting dates by age group can assist you in planning for evaluations. Our goal is to balance the proper number of ice touches, time for adequate rest and recovery and duration to ensure a positive experience and results for all players. 

For the 2024-25 Evaluations – please note in an effort to accommodate players of multiple sports, we have done our best to avoid certain days/times where possible and have lessened the number of events where possible. 

Please remember, Evaluations are a CLOSED event.




Please watch the schedule, times/locations will be posted ahead of the events under PROGRAMS.


Each player, parent & coach is required to review the OYHA Code of Conduct and sign prior to participation.

You will find copies of these documents under the main navigation menu - RESOURCES.


In an effort to keep association dues from significant increases, and more equally distribute the workload across the entire membership, we are continuing the OYHA Volunteer Program for the 2023-2024 season. The goal of the program is not to raise funds but to help the organization accomplish necessary jobs without having to pay outside vendors, and burn out our existing volunteer base. The volunteer program is simply a way to track volunteer time and distribute it more equally amongst the entire organization.

By participating in online registration, you confirm that you are aware of the Orono Youth Hockey Volunteer Policy. Our policy requires the following mandatory volunteer hours or buy out: 

Volunteer Requirements:  mandatory 7 hours/player with a max of 14 hours/family (2 or more players) Buyout is: $700 (7x $100) or $1400 max

New Mite/U6/U8: Players new to organized hockey at the mite/U6/U8 level will be exempt from volunteer hours for their first year. 


Any outstanding balances for unfulfilled volunteer hours (DIBS) or unpaid registration fees from the 2023-2024 season will be added to your account after you register and charged to your card on file. If you have an outstanding balance that you believe is in error or would like to establish a payment plan please contact

If you are short volunteer hours at the completion of the 2024-2025 season your card on file will be charged May 1, 2025 at the rate of $125/hour for any hours that you did not fulfill or buy-out at the beginning of the season. You will be unable to register your player for the 2025-26 season without paying all outstanding balances.



Financial assistance is available. If you are interested in inquiring about assistance, please click on the Financial Assistance link below for the Financial Assistance Application. Financial assistance requests are reviewed by the Orono Youth Hockey Association Executive Board and is completely confidential.



As you are aware, Minnesota Hockey has implemented a new Waiver Rule, which will be effective starting the 2024-25 season. The waiver process is a MN Hockey required process that is specific to skaters at any youth association level who do not live within the Orono School District boundaries and desire to register as a skater with the Orono Youth Hockey Association (OYHA). This rule is crucial for us to understand and navigate.

OYHA would like to clarify key elements of this new process to ensure you are fully informed and prepared for the upcoming 2024-25 season.

  • All registered OYHA players who received a waiver exemption before the upcoming 2024-25 season are grandfathered in and remain eligible to play for OYHA.
  • However, effective immediately, if a registered OYHA player on a waiver exemption elects to leave Orono public schools to attend another school outside the district or does not play for OYHA, the player will revert to the youth hockey association of their residence.
  • ExIf a player who lives in Wayzata Public School District, but open enrolls in Orono Public Schools, elects to leave Orono for another school outside the district, this player will fall under the purview of the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association
  •  Under this scenario, if a previously OYHA registered player reverts to their youth hockey Association of Residence but wishes to continue playing with the OYHA, the player may apply for a waiver exemption, but only before the beginning of their first year as a Squirt or 10U.
  • Important NotePer Minnesota Hockey's new waiver rule, Mite players ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for Waivers permitting their release to another Association.
  • Ex. If a Mite-aged player lives within the Wayzata School District, but open enrolls in Orono Public Schools, this player is expected to play within the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association and cannotapply for a waiver until his/her first year of Squirts or 1OU.
  • Possible OYHA Exemption: For all Mite-Aged players with siblings registered with OYHA, OYHA recommends following this Discretionary Waivers process described below.
  • For players impacted by the process described above, but wanting to play within OYHA, a conditional process of Discretionary Waivers may apply. This process is as follows:
  • The player must initiate contact with the Registrar from their Association of Residence and formally request a waiver releasing the player to OYHA

NOTE: OYHA has no control or influence over another Association's decision to sign a waiver permitting a player's release to OYHA

  • Once an Association signs the waiver form and permits their release, the signed form must beforwarded along with proof of enrollment at Orono Public Schools to
  • Once the OYHA Registrar receives the signed waiver form, OYHA will confirm the player's release from their Association of Residence and conduct its due diligence, including verifying all paperwork andinformation, before forwarding it to District 3 Officials for approval.

Note: if all requirements are not satisfied and/or incorrect information is provided, OYHA will not seek District 3 approval. If it is found that a player is registered using a fraudulent address or fraudulent school enrollment, the player will not be allowed to play Orono Hockey and all ice fees and registration fees will be forfeited.

  •  OYHA reserves the right to evaluate this new process, and these recommendations will be subject to change after the 2024-25 season.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the mechanics of this new rule.



A birth certificates is required if you have a NEW PLAYER. Registration will NOT be processed/complete until a birth certificate is received.

Please email photo copy of birth certificate to the following to

If you would like to mail a hard copy, please use the above e-mail address to obtain information on where to send it.



(Opens July 1, 9:00 am)

Player registration will close on July 31st at 11:59 pm.

Players that have not registered by this time WILL NOT be guaranteed placement on a travel team and will incur a late fee.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the board members.

We are here to help!






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